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your partner in creating your dreamholidays

Karibu Zanzibar!

We are very happy to welcome you!

MaleynaTOURS AND SAFARIS is a familybased tour operator company, founded in 2023. We are located in Unguja, Zanzibar and have more than 20 years of experience in the local tourism.

We are here for you, to make your well-deserved holiday in this beautiful destination to an extraordinary and unique impression. With our cultural knowledge and the love to our island we create individual and to your needs adapted excursions and cultural encounters. Let us know your interests and we will find the specific spots for you to visit.

Within all our activities it is important to us, to cooperate with the local people and to be in fair exchange with them. Following the motto “Pamoja” (together), how you say in Kiswahili, our aim is to create perspectives and new spheres of action to actively empower our local community within zanzibarian tourism. At first you will be able to see that at the work in our team and the offered tours, but also within our direct partners. On one hand we are trying to create prospects for the future and places of employment for the local villagers, which will serve you as tourists during your holidays, but on the other hand help the community and the individual families with their daily needs. 

We are looking forward to show you our passion for this beautiful destination and its people, to make it your unique, feel-good holiday.


Karibuni sana!

(engl.: You are most welcome!)

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To make your holiday a special and unforgettable experience Maleyna TOURS & SAFARIS is here to provide a friendly and reliable service. We support you to have a stress-free and amazing holiday with a realistic and true look inside Zanzibar. We are valueing our local partners and create a fair and supporting work atmosphere.


As a tour company we want to implement our services to our customers in a way, that they meet the specific and individual demands of the guest, but also respect and value the unique culture of Zanzibar´s habitants, the beautiful environment and local life rules. Supporting the community we live in and make as many fellow Zanzibarians profit from our work at Maleyna TOURS & SAFARIS is one big aim of our vision.

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