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Spice Tour

visit a typical farm of our „spice island“, see the plants grow, smell the spices & taste the fruits

The Spice Tour is your chance to explore one of Zanzibar’s numerous spice farms during a half day excursion. You will be able to see, feel and taste most of the tropical spices and fruits grown in Zanzibar. Our guide will explain you the usage of the spices not only medicinally and cosmetically, but also cuisine. How do ginger, vanilla, pineapple and pepper grow? Which part of the plant is the cinnamon stick? How does the nutmeg look like before we use them in our spice shelves?  
A farmworker will climb up a coconut palm for you and you will get the chance to taste a freshly harvested coconut. Also, some of the local tropical fruits will be served.
Finally, you will get the possibility to purchase spices for yourself or your beloved ones at home.

During this tour we recommend you to wear closed shoes and use mosquito repellant.

Palm tree climbing
passion fruit flower
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Contact details

PO Box 2888, Zanzibar, Tansania

Tel. / What's App:   

           +255 774 066 096

           +255 779 047 053


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