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Rent a Car

Be independant and free. Explore Zanzibar on your own.

Even though we do NOT recomend driving in Zanzibar on your own, those who wish to be free and independant can rent a car with us. 

Important informations:
- in Zanzibar we drive on the lefthand side
- Street rules are different to European standards
- you will need an extra roadpermit, that lasts 30 days and costs 
  (30.000tsh) on top of your valid international driving licence. 
  Therefore you need 2 passport-sized pictures.
- police controls in Zanzibar are regularly
- within villages and town area you are allowed to drive 50 km/h 
  outside the villages maximum speed is 70km/h. The police 
  controls with radar occassionally.
- other participants in the traffic might not follow the common 
  driving rules and you must be aware of free animals entering the 
  streets suddenly. 
- there are just a few pavements and people walk alongside the 
  streets (even very young unattended children)

If all these informations still make you feel like exploring the island on your own, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to organise your raodtrip-adventure.

Our cars are well equiped with all nececarry licences and papers, spare tire, jack and tools.

rent a car
car to rent
rent a car
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Contact details

PO Box 2888, Zanzibar, Tansania

Tel. / What's App:   

           +255 774 066 096

           +255 779 047 053


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