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Why we blog...

Zanzibar is a beautiful destination for your holidays and the tourism sector is growing rapidly. If you try to find places to go and things to see, you will find many tour operators offering the same things.

We from Maleyna Tours and Safaris want you to have the chance to get a true look inside the island life, encounter with the people of Zanzibar in a setting that everybody feels respected and valued. We want to create a way for you to ask questions, learn directly from locals and interact within their homeland.

To underline our values at Maleyna Tours and Safaris we invite you to have a closer look into the zanzibarian life. Get informed, collect impressions to create your unique trip to this beautiful island and get in touch with us.

Within this blog we will feed you with insider information to understand and capture the beauty of this pearl in the Indian Ocean.

Get inspired, start dreaming and plan your trip with us ;)

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traditional ngalawa boat in Zanzibar

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