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Zanzibar Maleyna Tours and Safrais Mangapwani  beach life

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Our tour offers

To capture the beauty of Zanzibar please check our diverse tour offers. You will find halfday excursions and full-day trips.


Unguja, Zanzibars main island, is not very big, but to reach your admired destination, you will need a transport. We are happy to help you reach your targeted location.

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Unique Spots
& offside tracks

Besides our tour offers there are other impressive spots to visit and trails to follow.

Check the following offers, and make your holiday special.



Plan your perfect trip with us 

If you are about to plan your excoursions and tours, either from home or directly from Zanzibar, please contact us at least 12 h in advance, so we can make the most out of your day and minimize your expences.

It is also possible to combine halfday trips into a fullday and reduce your transport costs.

Are you missing any tour or hotspot? Such as stand up padeling, cooking classes, horse riding, or kiting? Or do you have special interests in museums, traditional music, handcrafts or recycling projects? Zanzibar has a lot to offer! Please feel free to let us know and we will make your holidays a special experience of a lifetime for you.

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