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Red Colobus Monkey

Jozani Forest

learn about 2 big forests, its plants and animals, meet the red colobus monkeys and watch them play

The Jozani Forest tour is a half day trip and takes place in the south-east of Unguja Island in between the Chwaka Bay and the Pete Inlet Bay. Here you will walk through a sweetwater-forest and later, to compare, you will enter a close by saltwater mangrove-forest. You will learn more about the zanzibarian vegetation and the here found local wildlife. One of zanzibars pride are the red colobus monkeys, that one only finds here. The Jozani Forest is a protected area to secure these monkeys. During your walk through the sweetwater-forest you can explore these friendly, relaxed fellows . Following the motto “you are not allowed to touch the monkeys, but they are allowed to touch you.” (this normally does not happen).We recommend you to wear closed shoes and apply mosquito repelant, due to the wet and rocky grounds in the forest.

Red Colobus Monkeys
Red Colobus
Jozani Forest
Red Colobus Monkey
Jozani Forest at the Chwaka Bay
Jozani welcoming stone
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