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Zanzibar Archipelago &
its history

Zanzibar is an archipelago found in the Indian ocean. It consists of several islands, but the two mainly spoken about are Unguja and Pemba. These two are collectively referred to as Zanzibar, sometimes locally as the "Spice Islands".

Unguja being the main island attracting tourists, measures approximately 85 by 35 kilometres.

Zanzibar is very much rich in history, which is portrayed by the presence of the UNESCO world heritage centre of Stone Town, covering the influence of different nations to have stepped their feet on the island ranging from Portuguese, Arabs from the Oman to the British before the island gained its independence in 1963. To learn more about the  history of our beautiful island and see the historical sights, join our Stone Town tour.



Unguja (Zanzibars biggest island) consists generally of cosmopolitan population with diverse ethnic origins. Religiously Muslims being the majority, there is surprisingly a huge religious tolerance whereby Christians and Hindus live harmoniously.

Apart from tourism being the main economic activity, people also live through seaweed farming, fishing and agriculture. Kiswahili is the main language spoken by the community. English is the common language in tourism. 

If you would like to encounter with the Zanzibarians, check out our village tour.


Diversity & cultural differences

Eventhough the zanzibarian population is used to tourism and different cultures, we kindly ask you to respect the local conservative, islamic community and wear a

decent dresscode when you move around in public. Shoulders and knees should be covered. Covering your hair is not neccessary. 

At the beaches tourists are supposed to wear swimmwear even during sunbathing. Others will be issued with high penalties. 

Second intrasexual relations and alcohol consumption in public is strictly prohibited. For more specific informations, please feel free to contact us

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